Only Two Defining Forces Have Ever Offered To Die For You.

1. Jesus Christ     2. The American G.I.

One Died For Your Soul, The Other Died For Your Freedom,
You Might Want To Pass This On,  As Many Seem To Forget Them Both!

Received a care package today. It did indeed bring a smile to my face. Just have a few minutes to send my gratitude for the stuff and prayers. Thank you so much the contents of the care package were perfect. I have eaten a lot of it already.  The letters and crafts mean the most and always get put up. So thanks again  for sending me some love even though you don’t know me. I have attached a picture as you requested. But I don’t have a story to tell.

SPC Adam Sanchez

Never Broken!!

Operation Care Package Michigan

On behalf of Ali Al Salem Air Base Chapel, we would like to extend our gratitude for your generous donation to the men and women deployed here in Southwest Asia.  Our Chapel Team distributes these items to the hard working Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen that are assigned to our location.  We deliver these care packages with words of encouragement and support from the many generous organizations and individuals like you.  It is a joy to see the smiles these bring to their faces.   Please know that these gifts have a very positive impact and are a big morale boost to those stationed here for between six and twelve months.
Again we thank you for your selfless generosity and ask that God will bless you.  Our American Troops are grateful to know that there are people in our country who care and support them.   Please know that you will continue to be remembered in our prayers.


David Reeson Ch Col USAF
Happy Thanksgiving to you all wherever you are.  I hope this day finds you safe and happy and full of turkey, or processed turkey like product if you are eating in a military defac. 

Pat Clonan
Kandahar, Afghanistan

Dear OCP Michigan:

We received your GRACIOUS donation of toiletries and yummy snacks for our troops.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and thank you for your support of our troops and our mission in Afghanistan is greatly appreciated. It is always a blessing to know that the people back in the states are thinking of us.  The support given from caring people such as
you help us to carry on through the challenging days we face here. God bless you.

Have a blessed day!

Hello JJ & Camo Angels Volunteers – Donors & Supporters!

Thanks for the package.  All of you are angels for what you do.  You really make the day bright for the troops downrange.  Each packet brings a little bit of home and joy to us all.  Please pass this e-mail on to Jake at Cheyenne elementary school.  I received his letter in one of the packages.  Please tell him it is an honor to serve to keep the peace and preserve the freedoms of all Americans. 

I am from Michigan myself, so it make me feel even that more proud of you all for what you do.  I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.    My son is currently attending Michigan State University.  What about those Spartans!  They are doing very well this year.  Attached is a picture of me in my office.    (( No picture was attached))

Due to the dust in Afghanistan, one item most of the us can not get enough of is Wet wipes.

Again, Thanks for your care and support!

Maurice Shoots


My name is SGT Jeramy Aponte and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the care package. My Team and I here in Mosul, Iraq thank you for your support.

I am sending you a picture of the Team here in Mosul. From Left to right as you look at the picture is Sgt Aponte, Sgt Irby and Spc Lewis.

Thanks Again

PS I am looking to get a Harley when I get back so the Magz are awesome.

Aponte, Jeramy L

Ms Fulgenzi and All,

I received a two care packages from you organization yesterday and I wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for the gifts and, more importantly, the thoughts the packages brought with them. My Shipmates and I are very grateful for the time and thought that clearly went into the boxes, and the support that those packages symbolize. Though my living conditions could certainly be much worse, the items you sent (especially the magazines) offer much-welcomed reminders of home and make life under forward-deployed conditions that much more comfortable every day.

Thank you again the gifts you sent me and my Shipmates, for the thoughts sent along with them, and, most of all, for the support you offer me and my fellow troops on a daily basis. I can personally attest that they are greatly appreciated!


Lieutenant Commander Christopher M. Ready

Hello Operation Care Package, I am SPC Duenas from the HHC, 4th Brigade Combat Team.  I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the care packages that we received from your organization.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed.  We would like to request for laundry soap, towels and twin fitted sheets.  These items are things that are scarce at our little store here on our FOB. 

Once again thank you for your continued support. Your donations make
difference to so many people.

SPC Duenas, Geraline

Thank you for the package that you had sent to me. It was quite a shock as well as a pleasant surprise. I will pass around all the candy that you supplied but I can't guarantee the same for the Girl scout cookies.

It is a weakness of mine and I admit it. It is nice to see an
organization that has people that are willing to do things like this.
Thank you once again.

PS: Inside the box was a letter from Isabelle Downey out of Imlay City.

I don't have an address for her so someone please let her know that I said Thank You for the letter.

SFC Steve Anderson

Hello, my name is 1LT Joseph Duchon. I am currently operating in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan.

I received a care package from your organization today.

I hope this email reaches you, we have had problems in the past with trying to send email back stateside.

Thank you for all your support. All the Soldier here truly appreciate everything you are doing back home for us.

Joseph A. Duchon

"should anyone press you into service for one mile, go with him for two miles."   -MATTHEW 5:41

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