To Our Military Heroes,  We're Proud of You
Support You!!
All Volunteers Are Welcome !!

Donation Boxes & Canisters:
Operation Care Package, Michigan is in need of businesses to participate as a drop off center. If you are interested in helping or know of a business that would consider being a central location for a drop box or canister collection, please contact us.  Volunteers are always needed to help pick up the donations.

Customs Forms:
Custom forms are needed for every box sent overseas to our troops. Filling out these forms take time and any help is appreciated. If you are interested in filing out these forms, please contact your local post office or go online to USPS to obtain the form (#2976-A). (They Are Free)

Forms may be hand written or typed to help us save time.
Contact JJ @ ocpmichigan@yahoo.com or 810-664-7342 for instructions.

Packing Boxes:
We need volunteers to sort, bag, pack, tape & label boxes. If you are interested volunteering a few hours a week please contact JJ @ 810-664-7342 or E-Mail anytime. Your help is needed and appreciated.  Check our calendar for monthly packing parties. 

Volunteers are needed for our fund raising events all year long. We have many events and everything we do is in support of our men and women overseas. Maybe you have an idea for an event. We would love to hear from you!!

Please give us a call or send us an email.

Crafter's Needed:
We are looking for crafter's to help make items for all holidays.  Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Valentines, St Patricks Day and July 4th. If your crafty or would like to help out please give us a call.

Other Help:
Activities Coordination for  Events, etc.  Volunteers needed at all events to help raise funds for our care packages.  Schools, Church's, Business's, Families, Friends and Communities needed to collect donations, cards and monetary funds. 

Thank you for your Support & God Bless!!

**Volunteers  - Welcome To A Great Team**