Operation Care Package Mi,
My name is Chaplain Ken Reid I serve with the 106th Transportation Battalion, Fort Campbell, KY.

On behalf of LTC Christopher Croft and CSM Rouse, I just want to express their deepest appreciation for the countless packages our Soldiers received from you recently. Your generosity serve to place the most humorous childlike smiles on the rugged faces of our nations heroes.  The gifts you sent from your heart to the heart of these Soldiers was the kindness they needed to feel amid the danger they face on a daily basis.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again for expressing your appreciation for our young heroes. 
God Bless!
CH (CPT) Kenneth E. Reid

To all who helped:

Thank you very much for the care package that you all sent to me while being deployed over here in the middle east.  I personally just wanted to thank each and every person who was apart of this project.  My Co-Workers and I thoroughly enjoyed the package that was sent.  Being out here, isolated from most of our friends and family, it makes us grateful that there are people like you back home in the states hoping and praying everyday that we make it home safely.  Again, thank you for the package and may God bless every single one of you that were apart of this project!

Very Respectfully,
YNSN Chad S. Hamblin

Hi Folks,
Thanks very much for all you do to support the troops.  The weather here is very cold, the temperature during the day
is about 15 to 20 Degrees F and at night its about -5 to 10 F Below Zero.  There is about 4" to 6" of snow on the ground
and every thing is just NASTY.   The boxes that you have sent have been divided up between the other personnel that are here with me working for the Corps of Engineers.  I am sure you folks have been getting your fair share of snow also.   I hope everyone is warm and safe.  I have been in Herat Afghanistan for 20 months and have 4 months to go before I go to Port Orange Florida and finish my tour.   Take Care,  God Bless

Dear Joyce,
Thank you and everyone who has worked so hard to get the packages sent out to Herat Afghanistan, all the soldiers that are with me
are grateful for your support.  Thank you again.

SFC Ken Johnson
Thank you for all the packages you and your volunteers have sent to us here in Baghdad. 
We appreciate everything you do for us here.

Sgt Jose Garcia

We at the 785th Med Co CSC / Mental Health Clinic appreciate all you do for us. 
We have received some packages .  Thank you.
Dear Joyce and all at Operation Care Package Michigan,

We would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your support to our platoon.  All the items you
have sent helped us greatly in improving our morale as well as bringing us a piece of home.  It gave
us a good piece of mind, knowing there are people back home that care and support us throughout our
deployment.  We are a Field Artillery Platoon at Fire Base Wilderness, in the mountains of Afghanistan,
responsible for providing fire support to all maneuver elements in our area, and enjoy what we do.  Our living
conditions are not the best by any standard, but they are slowing improving... emphasis on slowly.    Some
items the guys like are microwaveable foods, jerky and drink mixes.  We don't have too much longer though, and
we are also sending you a picture of the platoon,  so you can have a face to those you are supporting.  It is people
like YOU that help us keep our heads up and driving forward.   Once again, we are extremely grateful for you and your
contributors support, from all of us in the Second Platoon, Bravo Battery.   Thank you!
Sincerely,  Rhett Soltas 1Lt FA Platoon Leader      Jose Cedeno, SSG FA Platoon Sgt     82nd ABN DIV
Attn JJ & Volunteers,

I can't thank you enough for your continued support.  We received your care packages, which included food and personal
hygiene items.  Please extend our thanks to your staff, volunteers and all those that contributed to the delivery and
receipt of these wonderful packages.

The success of our mission here in Kuwait and Iraq relies significantly on the support of friends and family back home.
Thank you and God Bless.

M.Q. Scwartzel
Captain, U.S. Navy
Commanding Officer
Greetings JJ & Volunteers,
Thank you so very much for your wonderful care packages and such kind letters.  The service members coming to our location
on the much needed four day pass truly appreciate it.  One item we are in need of is male clothing (pants, shorts, shirts).  Many
service members do not have civilian clothes to relax in. Thank you.


1Lt Karly Mangen
Army National Guard
Your kindness is special and so are you!  Thank you for the wonderful boxes given to our veterans.
They very much appreciated it. 

Devonshire Staff
(Retirement Village in Lapeer)

Thank you for the packages.  Our soldiers have enjoyed the treats and other items sent.  We appreciate all your
volunteer work.  I am an Army Soldier from Snover Michigan and I run a combat Stress/Mental Health Clinic in Baghdad.

Sgt Jose Garcia
Dear Joyce
Thank you and everyone who has worked so hard to get the packages sent out to Herat Afghanistan, all the soldiers that are with
me are grateful for your support.  Thank you again.

SFC Ken Johnson

To All,
I want to thank you for the care packages you have sent us.  We are grateful for people like you who care and support
us so much.  We are about 28 days from going back home.  We are all so excited and can't wait.  This 15 month deployment
had its moments, but in the end we ALL are making it home again.  Thank you all so much for every thing you have done.

Thank you
SPC Ryan Edwards

Joyce & Operation Care Package Michigan,
Thank you so much for your support. I cannot even begin to explain how it feels knowing that we have the support of those back home!

Our last 15 months have taken us down many roads, from shooting artillery, to living with Iraqi Police in the city.  Your support definitely aided us in accomplishing our many missions.  Sadly enough on of our missions was to get kids from a real poor neighborhoods to stop throwing rocks at our convoys.  Throwing stuffed animals at them definitely worked!! 

Thanks again for all you do!!! 
SPC Omelianoff
Operation Care Package Michigan,

I wanted to thank you for your care packages that was given to me on Valentines Day. 

I am currently assigned to the 52nd Expeditionary Flying Training Squadron in Kirkuk, Iraq.  I am an instructor
pilot teaching and building the new Iraqi Air Force.

The time and effort it takes to provide care packages is certainly appreciated.  This one was also very special  because
I am from SAGINAW!

Thank you again for your support and please continue to pray for us.

Sincerely Capt Chris Duffett!
I just want to say THANK YOU!   For all the support throughout our extra long deployment.  My fellow soldiers
and I have GREATLY APPRECIATED everything you have done to support us during the rough time.  IT is a wonderful
thing that all of you do for us and we just want everyone to know how much we appreciate what you do and that we are
grateful for your Patriotism as well as your support.   May God Bless each and everyone of you while my comrades in
arms and I defend your freedom. 

Sincere Thanks,

SSG Beth Rogers
United States Army
Hi my name is SPC Jergee Lina.  I would like to thank you fo rthe care package including the Christmas Decorations and the Christmas Sock its really nice I love it,  it's nice to know that there is some people that care about us while we are here overseas I am sure all the soldiers over here think the same way. 

We all appreciate your support for us.
Thank you,
SPC Lina Jergee

1Lt Natasha Odermann, Camp Diamondback, Iraq
"Girl Scout Troops #131, thank you so much for your care package, I loved it.  Knowing that you support us makes being here worth while.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. 
1Lt Odermann.

PV2 Eugene Schuler, Camp Diamondback, Iraq
"On Behalf of all my battle buddies I would like to say thank you.  Your care packages are greatly appreciated.  I am proud to protect my country and play my part in a big army.  However Iwould be 10 times more proud if all the youth of our world, went to school and became sucuccessful.  You can be what ever you want you just need strength, love and desire.  Hard work will take you anywhere you wanna go in life.  U.S. Soldiers fight so you guys can grow up,  become leaders and make a positive change in the world.  This way we wouldn't have to fight anymore.  

P.S. The stockings were really decorated from the heart! ((Thanks again)) Enjoy your holidays. 
PV2 Schuler

Hello from IRAQ!  I wanted to thank you for the wonderful treats.  Yes, they did cheer me up!  The stocking that you all made hangs in our bunker so all may see.  Any way, I wanted to let you know that I'll keep the stocking and use it every Christmas.  Thank you!

Your Friend, Troy Blevins

Just want to say thanks for your support at this time of year.
Yours Truly,
Sgt Bigger of Applegate, MI

Thank you so much for your support of the troops here on Rustamiyah.  While everyone out here appreciates your generosity, the 95th MP BN would especailly like to extend our gratitude.  Our mission here is the support of Iraq's growing police forces and the general management of the city's peace.  It has been a long and slow- going process so far, but the kindness and spirit of those who support us bak on the home front helps every soldier on this base to make it to tomorrow.  You help us remember what we are fighting for.

Chaplain (CPT) Christopher Dickey & SPC Michelle Murphy

I would like to thank you all for the packages.  It's nice to see that people care about the troops over here.  Thank you again.  I would like to thank all the children that sent a valentines card in that package, but I didn't have time to do that.  SO if you could tell the kids that the cards were very nice to read and see.  Here is some pictures of my squad and me.  Thank you again.  God Bless    CPL Thompson

Operation Care Package Michigan,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your very generous donations to the JSOTF-P local community. The recipients would like me to pass on their appreciation and gratitude.

We have given the donations to the Talon-Talon Orphanage,  Boalan Elementary School, The Mubhai Desert Foundation and other local places in need.

Please keep in touch and fee free to contact Ch Maj Phillip Houser or myself with any questions or concerns that you may have.
Mary Ann Eggleston, SSGT USAF
Command Chaplain Assistant JSOTF-P
JJ & Volunteers,

Thank you for the package,  I have shared it with my fellow soldiers. We appreciate all that you do for us here in Baghdad, Iraq.
Sgt Jose Garcia

My name is Corporal Kyle Witkowski and recently I received a few care packages from you in the mail sponsored through
Operation Care Package Michigan.  First of all I wanted to stop and take a moment to Thank You for all of the wonderful things you sent and how appropriate all of them are when deployed.  Second I wanted to Thank You for your prayers and support.  I can't tell you how much it means to know that there are people who take the time to pray for us and send us stuff.  Your support is very much appreciated.  Thanks Again.
Respectfully,  Cpl Witkowski
Thank you for the recent care package we recently received here in Afghanistan.  Its good to know there are great Ameicans out there who are helping the troops on the front lines in the war on terror.  GOD BLESS!!

Ch Greg McVey / Spc Simmons

My name is PFC Langley and I would like to say "thank you".  I appreciate everything that you guys do for us at FOB Summerall.  I love to know that there are people out there that truely care about the troops over here in Iraq.  I am the Chaplain's Asst. here at FOB Summerall.  I love to write back to the people who really care for us over here.  I like to go work out and to run ( pretty much that is all there is to do around here).  Please keep sending care packages, all of them will end up used and appreciated very much.  We are out here on a small FOB and sometimes its is hard to get stuff ( mail is a big morale booster and helps everyone).  So would you please keep sending the packages. 
Thanks Alot,
PFC Langley


I really want to thank you for the packages.  They were awesome.  We couldn't thank you enough .  We will be taking a group photo and we will send it out to you and those that made this happen for us.   You are truly a blessing for us and we thank you sooo very much. You will remain in our prayers and we ask you do the same for us.

God Bless and Take Care,

Riggers from the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Div
Timothy L Grinstead

Hi my name is Lina, I am a soldier currently in Iraq.  I just received two of your care packages with letters from couple of kids -students Tayler and Travis, it was very nice of those kids to acturally sit and write to us.

I thank you and them for the curiosity and yes for being in Iraq it's wonderful when we realize that there are people that care for us and take the time to write, pack and send stuff all the way from the far way.   Sorry for not writing in hand but its easier and faster for me to write in emails.

Again thanks a lot for thinking of us and that I am one of them if you would please give those kids a huge hug for me and tell them that I liked everything that was in the packet and the chocolate and all those valentines cards.

Thanks for the support, god helps you with what you do.  Happy Valentine and have a good day.
Thank you Lina
To all who helped.

Thank yo very much for the care package that you all sent to me while being deployed over here in the middle east.  I personally just wanted to thank each and every person who was a part of this project.  My Co-Workers and I thoroughly enjoyed the package that was sent.  Being out here, isolated from most of our friends and family , it makes us grateful that there are people like you back home in the states hoping and praying every day that we make it home safely.  Again, thank you for the package and may God Bless every single one of you that were apart of this project.

Very Respectfully,
YNSN Chad S Hamblin
Operation Care Package Michigan
Dear Ms Fulgenzi,

On behalf of the soldiers of the Medical TF 86th Combat Support Hospital, Baghdad Iraq, we would like to thank you for the care package (s) that you've sent.  We are grateful for the items that we received and most of all for the support that you've provided that directly impacts the morale of our soldiers.

We are happy to know that you are praying for us as we continue to do the job that we are called to do so all of us can be safe.

Thank you again for your support and prayers.  May God Bless You!!    Eagle Medics- For God And Country

Sincerely,   Felix Sermon, Jr  Chaplain (Major) US Army      Jeffrey T Hardeman SSG US Army Chaplain Assistant
Hey I just want to drop a line to let you guys know that I appreciate the time that you guys are taking to send us packages and letters froom the little kids.

I'm a dad of 1 1/2 my wife is expecting or second child on July 08.  You guys are giving me another reason to be here, not for my family to be able to go to sleep at night, but all others like you. 

Thanks a lot, GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!!!

Miguel A Caceres

"When you hear the sound of victory don't forget the inside laugh for the times you failed".  JoseMaria Escriba
Thank you so much for sending the care packages for us to enjoy.  Your package was redirected to the chaplains office. 
Take Care & Happy Holidays,

Lashawn Williams
Chapel Staff

On behalf of G TROOP 4-6 ACS I would like to thank you and the rest of the folks of Operation Care Package Mi.  Your support means so much to all of us here.  Being away from home during the holidays is hard for all of us but knowing that you support us makes being here worth while.   Thank you for all that you do.

1Lt Odermann
Greeting to you Joyce, from the soldiers of the 18th Aviation Brigade (Task Force War Fighter) deployed here in Iraq.  We want to thank you for your selfless acts of kindness in the sending of the wonderful care packages.  We were truly pleased and grateful to receive the gifts.  It’s great AMERICANS such as yourself with your show of support that gives us here in combat the strength and will to endure the hardships of war.  We fight in battle for the freedom of the USA and so that our future generations can thrive in that freedom.  Continue to support us and all America’s fighting men and woman wherever that may be defending freedom.  God bless you.  (Tell SGT Greg Lusignan we said “hello”)

Joyce, we the soldiers of the 18th Aviation Brigade wish you a “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”.  We pray that God grant you all the desires of your heart on this day that you have made special.

SFC Gary Stevenson & and Soldiers of the 18th Aviation Brigade (Task force War Fighter)

   Dear Camo Angels, Contributors, Donors of Operation Care Package Michigan.

   Hello to all,  I just want to say *Thank You* so much for all your care packages.  I have only been here since June and will be
   here   until March.  Your care packages mean so much to me and the soldiers.  The Harley Davidson Pillows were great! 
   The HOG Riders  loved them.   Again your care packages are absolutely fantastic. 

   We are so grateful that so many of you keep thinking of us.   God Bless All of You & Thank You.

   SSG Teresa Marie White

   I am a MICHIGAN FAN!!
   To Who It May Concern,

   Hello,  Our team would like to take time out to say *Thank You* to Operation Care Package Mi.  We are so touched by the
   goods     of candies, popcorn, personal hygiene items, markers, pens, crossword puzzles, office items, cards and blankets.  All
   of the items   sent to us was very refreshing and made us feel real good to be a Soldier.  It's nice to know that there are people
   who support us in  America.  We do indeed appreciate the small items from you and your organization and welcome your
   prayers even more.   We      hope this letter reach all of you in good health and you are also in our prayers.   We hope you
   could shower us again with your       thoughtful packages of goodies.  We do appreicate all you do for the Armed Forces
   Soldiers here in Iraq and we the " Barbarians",  (team name) thank you the most for caring and sharing with us.

   Thank you for the time and consideration,

   MSG Williams, Keith
   Dear JJ Fulgenzi & Camo Angels,

   Hello!  I cannot begin to tell you how thankful we are for your support in sending care packages.   We wanted to take the time
   to thank you for all the items you sent.  It is very difficult for some soldiers to get a hold of everyday items like shampoo and
   body soap.  The items you donated came as a blessing to many soldiers.  It is always nice to know that people back home care           about our service and are thankful for all we do.  You might not recognize our unit as one of the companies you sent your
   packages to, but we received them from the 464th Quartermaster Company from Michigan.  We asked for help to send our
   items to some units we have adopted and they helped us by sending the items that would be helpful to our troops.   You see
   the Military is one big family and we help each other out when in need.   Your blessings will bring smiles to all, I have also sent
   some pictures of all the care packages we were able to make with your help.   Once again THANK YOU for keeping us in your
   thoughts and prayers.

   Very Respectfully,
   649th Regional Support Group
   Dear Operation Care Package Michigan,

   Thanks so much for sending my boys that care package the other day.
   We received it, and it was justly ravaged through as soon as I put it down inside our common area. 
   In your letter you wanted to know if there was anything we needed.
   Well, we are having a real problem keeping our bikes on the road around the FOB because we keep busting the inter tubes
   our of  our tires.   Our FOB is HUGE and from the door of our living quarters to the chow hall is OVER a mile long.  It is an
   immense burden of our soldiers if we can't use our bikes.  We cannot get these intertubes through our normal chain of supply.
   They have to be bought, and its literally IMPOSSIBLE to find them anywhere. But on the BIGGEST FOB's in IRAQ.

   We do NOT want anyone to break the bank, but if there is a WAY for you to send us some intertubes we would SURELY
   appreciate  it..   

   Thanks for all you do!!
   Sgt Rob Shipley

   P.S.. Got any extra plane tickets home?? Ha ha ha.. 
  Hello American Heroes,

   I'm writing you on behalf of the 363rd MP Company to tell you that we received your care packages today!

   Thank you so much for thinking of us over here after it seems like so many other Americans don't anymore.

   I just want you to all know that WE are truly grateful for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT as well.   Most of us draw our strength from
   home! And this solidifies our determination to finish our mission here and come home to the good OLE U.S. of A!

   So again, thank you so much for your time and thoughtfulness, know that YOU are APPRECIATED, and please KEEP EM
   COMING   Because we have NOTHING here..   YOU are OUR HEROES!!

   363rd MP CO
  Dear Angels,

   Thanks so much for the care package you sent.  Knowing how much people back home support us really helps out alot. 
   Your prayers mean more to me than anything.   I am 22 years old and have lived in Lapeer since I was 3.  I've recently gotten
   engaged and can't wait to be home with my family and future wife.  Her and I are both Lapeer East Grads.  I graduated in 05
   and her in 08.   I  If you could continue your prayers and support I would be grateful.   Please most of all pray for the ones I
   love and left back home.  

   Charles Tuckey
   464 QM Co
   JJ Fulgenzi & Camo Angels, OCP MI,

   Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas Season!

   Thank you for your support to the troops!
   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

   Snake Blocker
   USN Afghanistan
   A letter from one of our Volunteers /Camo Angel son!!!  Thank you IT3 Jonathan Justice for YOU we are truly grateful... 
   Thank you Jim & Ellen Justice for your support and what your family / son is enduring for our country..  GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!
   We can't wait to give Jonathan a HUGG when he returns..         (((HUGGS)))  JJ

  Thank you for everything your doing. i'm currently serving in Baghdad Iraq and i have been here for about 6 months.  I have            recieved multiple care packages from you and everyone made my day. Some of the packages were given out to my "Battle  
   Buddys" who didnt recieve packages from back home.  My parents have been helping out with the care packages i think.
   They are Jim and Ellen Justice. When i get home from here i would love to help out when i go up to visit my parents.  You
   have really helped out a lot of people over here your making our deployments alot easier.  Thank you for everything!  Keep
   up the great work.

   Very Respectfully,
   IT3 Jonathan David Justice
   To:  The Camo Angels,

   We received one of your **Goodi** boxes a while back and while I try to write everyone, I sometimes get a bit behind.  I do               apologize for that.  Mostly, I just wanted you all to know that your caring and thoughtfulness go a long way toward keeping our       morale high.  Knowing that the folks back home are thinking about us enables us to do our mission here in Iraq a little bit               easier.

   Thanks so very much, God Bless.

   Very Respectfully,
  Mary Coldburn CW5, USA

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the kindness and selflessness that you have shown to the Soldiers of the 1st            Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment.  My Soldiers, the Desert Rogues, have put in hours of work without so much as one complaint,  and they are achieving mission success.  Gratitude is truly shown on their faces when they receive a care package, and the time and effort you and your Camo Angels spent putting together these wonderful gifts is very much appreciated by all who receive them.

We thank you guys for all you have done and continue to do for the Desert Rogues.  Your actions demonstrate true American pride in suporting our magnificent U.S. forces, and you greatly enhance our morale as we endeavor in the Global War on Terrorism.  Again, I thank you and the Camo Angels for the support that you have shown my Battalion and to our great Nation.

Richard R. Coffman

Dear Operation Care Package - Camo Angels,

My name is Chaplain (Major) Jay Padgett, a Kentucky National Guardsman serving as the battalion chaplain for the 2-114 STRIKE (FA) Battalion headquartered in Starkville, Mississippi.  We are currently serving a tour of duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Mosul, Iraq.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the packages that I recently received from you guys.  Thank you for supporting the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Thank you for supporting my unit in particular.  And thank you for supporting me and my ministry.  Please be assured that the packages that you guys sent improved the quality of life for personnel stationed at Forward Operating Bases Marez and Diamondback.

My soldiers have asked me to pass along a word of thanks to you.  So please accept my heartfelt thanks and thanks from the soldiers of Task Force Dragon for all that you and the Camo Angels do.

For God and Country,
Chaplain (Major) Jay Padgett
Garrison Chaplain
FOB Marez

For All,

Thank you for all the wonderful care packages!!  It's such a blessing to receive these, as they all go to good use.  Again, thank for taking the time to organize and send these items to us.  We feel very grateful to have your support!!

MSQT Kevin Jones
379 AEW / Force Protection

OCPMI & Camo Angels,

Thanks for all that you do for us!  Thanks for all the treats on behalf of the many troops that you have helped here in Afganistan.

SGT Cathy Kee, SGT Wilson Edward, SPC Bowman Luke, SPC Christina Martinez

Operation Care Package,

I just wanted to thank you for sending our soldiers a little touch of home.  Being a Michigan man myself (Holland, MI), I truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  May the love and peace of God bless you all.

Chaplain Josh Payne

Operation Care Package,

As a Soldier, you pledge to serve your country and defend our honor.  When the time comes to leave your family, you are proud and honored, but you also know that you will miss your home and family.  Being far from home has its challenges and you take those challenges and make them work.  Receiving a letter and package brings so many smiles, and at the same time a piece of home to us.

We want to thank you for the packages; we know that a lot of thought went into them.  Mail day is a special day here for all of us, and then when we receive a special package put together by those who support us, we are really touched.  We want to thank you for your continued support during our time away from family and friends.  May God bless and keep you.

SPC Tonya Moore
S-1 Administrator

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Your kindness and support has brought smiles to many Soldiers in our area of operations.  The packages that you sent went to the 649th Regional Support Group, Cedar Rapids, Iowa and they have shared your generosity to many others within our region.  Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, are enjoying the fruits of your labor and are sending their thanks and appreciation for all that you are doing back home.

The books, razors, dental care products, food, hygiene items, neck gators, neck coolers give them a sence of normalcy that they can't find in the forward operating bases that they are assigned to.  These men and women train hard and work harder once they arrive in country, spendinglong hours on patrols, or guarding their buddies through the nights.  Coming back into the wire to find a box from friends who support them, automatically brings a smile to their face and uplifts spirtits throughout their tents.  It doesn't matter sometimes what is actually in the box, just the face that someone cares enough to look after them, in ways that only friends can.

To those troops who do not have someone waiting at home, these packages and what they bring are so very appreciated, but they do not always know how to send thanks, so we do that for them, and eventually they will learn how for themselves and you will get a small surprise in the mail, maybe just a simple card of thanks or a nice letter, either way the feeling and the meaning are both the same.  These are great Troops over here, no matter their exact location, but you are greater.  Friends, that have given their all, plus, to support and honor your and others children during these trying times, we send our heartfelt THANK YOUs to you all.

Very Respectfully,
John K Laborde
Command Sergeants Major, USA

Operation Care Package Camo Angels,

The troopers of the 82nd Airborne Division Special Troops Battalion are so very grateful for the care packages that you sent.  Your concern and commitment goes a long way to brightening the day of our Soldiers.

The Soldiers are proud to serve.  We are very blessed to receive your generosity and untiring dedication.  Again, thank you from the Troopers of the 82nd Airborne DSTB.

Chaplain Matt Foley
Roman Catholic Priest
HQ 82nd DSTB

To the Members of Operation Care Package Michigan,

We can't thank you enough for your love and generosity with you latest care packages to Al Asad.  I can tell you that all your efforts are worth while.  Whether I put the contents out at the Memorial Chapel, our main Chapel her at the Air Base, or take it to one of the units serving here, people's eyes always light up.  They are so appreciative knowing that people they will never meet in this would and are thinking of them and caring for their needs.  Your kindness is truly touching.  May God continue to bless you as you have blessed us.

Take care & God Bless,
Chaplain Michael Begelow

Dear Operation Care Package Michigan,

Thank you so much for the care package that you sent for the Solid Rock Chapel "General Store".  Over the past 10.5 months, we have probably processed close to, if not over, 1000 packages for the Troopers and Soldiers of the Task Force Saber.  The hygiene supplies and foods are greatly appreciated.

The last time that I sent out thank you notes was before I went on leave.  In the month I was gone from COS Hunter, I had the opportunity to check in on a few people at the outlying stations, and the main base our Brigade is stationed, check in n some people in Kuwait, spend a day in Shannon, Ireland on my way home (not usual protocol, but due to the mechanical issue on a plane), and most importantly spend 15 much enjoyed days with my beautiful wife.  She treated me to a special vow renewal on the beach in Hawaii during our stay there.  We found out that the Chaplain that did that for us was also the Battalion Chaplain for the Military Police Platoon that was stationed with us here - a small world, or a big God!!

When I got back to COS Hunter, much had changed.  Since the last time, we have lost a couple of units that were very integral to life on COS Hunter and we miss them greatly.  2nd Platoon, E/4-6 Infantry (4-6 is a sister battalion in our brigade) and 2nd Platoon, 57th MP Company from the rough home station of Schofield Barracks, HI. 

As I walk around and talk to Soldiers, the comment that I hear from time and time again is "We are going home."  The countdown has started and our whole Brigade Combat Team (BCT) will be home by mid May.  A year ago, we were gearing up, packing shipping containers, and beginning to process the idea of planning a year out of our lives.  One fellow Soldier stated it this way, "The thing about this place is that your life is on pause.  Back home, you could go and grab a soda, decide what you wanted to eat and just go there, go to a favorite place to hang out.  The stuff that we enjoyed doing is becoming a memory.  Any time you want to, please press play for me!"

Thanks again for all of your support,
Mark D. Worrell
Chaplain, Captain, U.S. Army
2/13 CAV Chaplin

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