About Us
         Who is Operation Care Package Michigan?  

We are a dedicated group of volunteers **Camo Angels* with a mission to send support to our American Service Men and Women serving our country.   We are a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit ,  100% of Proceeds go to our cause as we are ALL volunteers!

We send support of care packages and letters with the help of all our volunteers, the community and business throughout the USA. We believe none of our American Service Men or Women should be forgotten during their tour of duty. Their service to our country will never be forgotten and we are forever grateful to all of you.

Because of the help and generosity of our volunteers, community and businesses we have reached hundreds of our American Service Men and Women deployed overseas. We will continue to send packages with your support until they all come home.

Many smiles have been put on faces and hearts have been touched with your help and donations.

For security / privacy reasons, we do not give out names and addresses of our service men and women. We do not adopt out any soldiers.

Thank You For Your Support!

To Our Heroes -  Be Safe.  Be Strong.  Be Proud. God Bless!!